Henderson Workshop Offers Skills to Those Who Interact with Youth Impacted by Addiction

Mar 19, 2019

Credit drugfree.org

A two-day workshop in Henderson, Kentucky on March 22 and 23 will offer education and training on how to reduce the impact of addiction on children.

The workshop is being hosted by marriage and family therapist Tamara James, who said the workshop is appropriate for family members, educators, foster parents and anyone who works with elementary, middle and high school youth.

"Day one of the workshop is going to be a discussion and education on how addiction impacts the family and the resulting childhood effects and trauma that can get passed down from one generation to the next if healing or intervention does not occur,” said James.

Day two will focus on training to let children know they’re not alone and didn’t cause the addiction, but can find healthy and safe ways to cope with it.

The workshop will be led by two trainers from the National Association for Children of Addiction. It will be held at Henderson Church of Christ.

There is no cost for the workshop, which is funded by a grant from the Green River Area Development District and its Community Collaboration for Children.

Space is limited and registration is required online at: