Hardin County COVID-19 Survivor: Please Donate to Plasma Program That Helped Save Me

Dec 1, 2020

Douglas Frederick of Elizabethtown spent nearly a month in the hospital with COVID-19.
Credit Douglas Frederick

A Hardin County man who recovered from COVID-19 is urging other survivors to donate plasma to help in research and healing. 

Douglas Frederick, 63, of Elizabethtown, spent nearly 30 days in the hospital during October and November.  He doesn't know where or how he contracted the virus, despite taking precautions. 

The U.S. Army veteran received convaslescent plasma as part of his treatment. Recovered patients have developed antibodies, which researchers think can more quickly fight the infection in sick patients.  Frederick, who is retired from the Elizabethtown Independent School District, says he thinks plasma helped save his life.

“Someone who was very gracious enough to donate so that I could get two bags of plasma, which I believe wholeheartedly helped me out," Frederick told WKU Public Radio. "If they can donate, if they’ve had COVID and recovered from it, then by all means, donate and help someone else.”

Recovered COVID-19 patients are eligible to donate plasma if they have been well for 14 days and meet the criteria for giving blood. Each person who donates plasma can help up to four patients currently battling the virus.

Baptist Health Hardin in Elizabethtown is taking part in a national study on the role of plasma in treating critically ill coronavirus patients.

The hospital is holding a series of donation drives in the coming weeks. Those interested in participating are asked to register online at hmh.net/plasma.