Friend: Rand Paul Attack Was Likely Property-Related

Nov 8, 2017

Credit NPR

A close friend and neighbor of Rand Paul is sharing some information about what could have prompted the recent assault on the U.S. Senator. 

Retired physician Rene Boucher, also a neighbor, told police he attacked Paul from behind as the Republican lawmaker mowed his lawn last Friday. 

Alicia Stivers tells WKU Public Radio that she was the first person to see Paul following the attack and it apparently was related to property.

"He said that when he got up, Rene said something like 'I've been trying to sell my house for ten years and your trees are in the way,'"said Stivers.

In the interest of disclosure, Alicia Stivers’ husband is U.S. District Judge Greg Stivers who was nominated to the federal bench by Senator Paul.  Alicia Stivers says Paul called her husband right after the attack, said he feared Boucher might return, and that he had called police. 

Shawn Parker has served for five years as a board member of the Homeowners Association in Rivergreen, the gated community where Paul lives.  He says he doesn’t know of any history of property disputes between Paul and Boucher.

"There has not been one single complaint from another neighbor that has complained about their residence, with them, their property, or anything, nor have they complained about anybody else," Parker told WKU Public Radio.

Boucher will make his first court appearance Thursday morning for arraignment on a misdemeanor charge of fourth degree assault. 

According to Stivers, Paul returned to the doctor this week and still has some difficulty breathing and speaking because of cracked ribs.