This Former Miss America Wants to Be Kentucky's Next Secretary of State

Oct 17, 2019

Credit Lisa Autry

The Democrat running to be the next Secretary of State says Kentucky has a problem maintaining accurate voter rolls, and Heather French Henry says a new process is needed to update the database. 

A judge ruled this week that the state Board of Elections must remove 170,000 voters from an inactive list before the election on November 5. 

In a wide-ranging interview with WKU Public Radio, Henry said everyone involved with maintaining the voter database must be more fair and transparent in the future.

"The Republican party, the Democratic party, the state Board of Elections, the county Board of Elections, the country clerks, the Secretary of State--everyone should know how this process is implemented and when it will be implemented, so you don’t have issues as to the credibility of this process," Henry said.

Henry is running against Republican nominee Michael Adams.  He spoke to WKU Public Radio earlier, and that interview can be found here.