Conservative Kentucky Group Launching PAC

A new conservative think tank in Kentucky is expanding its political influence outside of its usual lobbying efforts. The Commonwealth Policy Center is a fiscally and socially conservative group. Now, the group has launched a sister political action committee, the Commonwealth Policy PAC, to influence elections.

The center’s director is Richard Nelson, a former analyst of the Family Foundation in Kentucky. Henderson City Commissioner Robby Mills is the PAC’s director.

Mills says the group won’t limit its support to just Republicans, because many Democrats in Kentucky also hold conservative beliefs.

“You know we are definitely nonpartisan, we have spoken to business groups, church groups, and we are open to both parties,” he says.

Mills says the group is still in its infant stages and hasn’t decided which candidates to support. But he says the PAC will be operational in time to help conservative candidates this fall.

“But at this point we do not have specific candidates that we have chosen, I think it’s fair to say that we will be talking to all the candidates between now and September, October, to see what they actually believe in,” Mills says.

Mills says the PAC plans to be active for a while, adding that its greatest effect on elections may be a few years down the road.