Bowling Green Gets Grant to Improve Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Mar 3, 2017

The Greenways Commission of Bowling Green and Warren County has received an $8,900 grant to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.

Miranda Clements is the multimodal coordinator for the commission. She says safety begins with making sure everyone takes bicycle riding seriously.           

“A bicycle is considered a vehicle, so when you’re on a bicycle it’s like you’re driving a vehicle, so you have to follow the rules of the road.”

Part of the grant is for the production of short safety videos for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

Clements said another portion of the funding is being used for what’s known as a “bike rodeo kit.”

“It’s basically got things where you can re-create a road with stop signs and different traffic signs. It’s got cones to create lanes.”

Community groups can borrow the kit if they want to teach children bicycle safety.

A bicycle ‘comfort level’ map is also being updated. The map shows the safest routes in Bowling Green and Warren County for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.

The grant is from the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission.