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Redistricting Plan Easily Passes in Kentucky House

Kentucky LRC

The Kentucky House has adopted new boundaries for its 100 members, but not without some lawmaker grumbling. 

The bill to redraw legislative boundaries passed the full house 83 to 17. Before the votes were cast, House Speaker Greg Stumbo told colleagues there was no intent to punish anyone or either political party.

“Everyone agreeing that it has to be done, it’s required, and this is a fair way to do it," said the Democratic House Speaker.

While several lawmakers argued these new boundaries are fairer than their earlier attempts, many still voiced concerns. Most came from individual lawmakers, upset over seeing their counties divided between several districts. 

Representative Rita Smart says five representatives will now serve Madison County, but she’s the only one who actually lives there.

“I proposed to you that it is time to craft an amendment to our constitution to allow lawmakers, us, the people that are chosen to represent to create legislative districts that are fairly representative of Kentucky today,” added Smart.

Smart contends the current process does not adequately address significant increases in the population of urban areas.  The Kentucky Senate, meanwhile, is set to act on boundaries for its 38 senators Friday.

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