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Stay cool and beat the summer heat with these tips and resources for southcentral Kentucky

Morgantown City Pool

The summer heat is here and the season has just begun. Temperatures in southcentral Kentucky are expected to register above 90 degrees multiple times in the next seven days. The official start of summer means residents can expect to see warm weather consistently for the next couple months, which brings the annual challenges as families and residents try to beat the heat. Staying cool is crucial for elderly individuals or anyone with health issues. Residents are encouraged to be aware of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings from the National Weather Service

Brian Neudorff, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Louisville, says even if the region is not under a heat advisory it is still important to be mindful of being heat safe.

“Just because we’re not looking at record heat, the key thing is to mind your body and be aware of how you're feeling,” Neudorff said. “You don't have to try to do everything at once. Take breaks, take frequent breaks. Stay hydrated. Water is still the best thing.”

Neudorff recommends working outside during the early morning or evening to prevent peak temperatures and if you are working outside, wearing light-colored clothing and limiting the amount of time you are exposed to direct sunlight.

For anyone who is indulging in summertime alcoholic beverages, Neudorff reminds them to not overdo it as alcohol and caffeine can exacerbate dehydration.

“Caffeine and alcohol while you’re putting fluids in your body the caffeine and alcohol tend to dehydrate you not hydrate you so you kind of want to stay away from those,” Neudorff said.

For families and children that are out of school there are plenty of activities to stay cool while also enjoying the summertime in southcentral Kentucky.

Warren County:
Warren County Public Library: The Warren County Public Library is air conditioned and open to anyone with a library card. The library also hosts events throughout the day including movie screenings inside the cool, dark Capitol Theatre.

Russell Sims Aquatic Center: The Aquatic Center is open seven days a week and offers a water slide, a pool and splash pad for children. It’s located close to Present Miller Park. The center also offers swim lessons for children. Prices vary depending on age.

Salvation Army: If temperatures exceed 95 degrees the Salvation Army will open its dining room for anyone who needs to cool down. The Salvation Army works with unhoused individuals to provide a safe place for shelter.

Edmonson County:
Nolin Lake: Cool off by swimming at Nolin Lake State Park. The park is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and is free to swim.

Butler County:
Morgantown City Pool: The city pool is located close to Charles Black City Park and is open seven days a week for a small fee. The pool offers swimming during the day and evening programming including movies, night swims, and outdoor activities.

Barren County:
The Glasgow YMCA Aquatic Center: The aquatic center is open seven days a week but requires a YMCA membership. Monthly memberships and guest passes are available

Neudorff urges exercising your best judgment when dealing with extreme heat and under no circumstances should children or pets be left unattended in cars during the heat, even if the air conditioning is running.

“We don't think about this, but if you’re responsible for someone in a car seat or a pet they’re better left at home,” Neudorff said. “Even with the window cracked, it's not going to be good, it's going to get hot really quick. Just double check the back seat.”

Jacob Martin is a Reporter at WKU Public Radio. He joined the newsroom from Kansas City, where he covered the city’s underserved communities and general assignments at NPR member station, KCUR. A Louisville native, he spent seven years living in Brooklyn, New York before moving back to Kentucky. Email him at