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It's a Leap Year. How will you be spending your extra day?

Feb. 29 only happens every four years. How will you spend it?
Tribune News Service via Getty Images
Feb. 29 only happens every four years. How will you spend it?

2024 is a Leap Year, meaning it has one extra day: Thursday, February 29.

If you are — or happen to know — one of the approximately 5 million "leaplings" around the world who were born on Feb. 29, you'll get to celebrate on the actual day for the first time in four years. If not, you're still getting a relatively rare bonus day.

We want to know how you'll be spending it. Please answer one or more of the following questions in the form below. Your answers could be featured in a radio or digital story from NPR's Morning Edition.

In your responses, please include your first and last name, age, location and email address. You may be contacted by an NPR reporter for a follow-up interview.

We will be accepting responses until Feb. 19 at 12 p.m. ET.

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