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WKU's 'Rock the Vote' Goes Virtual in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

WKU Political Engagement Project

Each year colleges across the county celebrate National Voter Registration Day in late September with organized events aimed at registering young people to vote.  

On the campus of Western Kentucky University, the annual Rock the Vote Festival usually nets hundreds of newly registered voters. But the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizers to reimagine this year's event by turning to social media. 

Saundra Ardrey is a WKU Political Science Professor who coordinates the Rock the Vote effort at the school.

"Usually during our presidental election, 'Rock the Vote', we register 150 to 200 students, but this time we're hoping that because of our various social media platforms, we will be able to reach several more, hundreds more of our students across the campus, across the community."

The WKU Rock the Vote Festival is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 22nd. 

A link to the virtual event will be posted on Twitter, at #hilltoppersvote.

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