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WKU Student from Bahamas Talks Unity, Support After Hurricane Dorian Devastation

Becca Schimmel

The tragic images coming out of the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian are hitting home for three Western Kentucky University students from the Caribbean nation. 

One of them is freshman Khajzan Taylor, who said it’s hard to watch his community suffer, while he’s safely in the U.S.

“It does something to me because I’m so far away, and I hate to see my people in agony like that.”

Taylor said his family is safe and lives in an area that wasn’t hit as badly as some other parts of the country. But he said the Bahamian people are one nation and collectively feel the pain caused by Dorian.

“We are all one people, so if people in Grand Bahama and Abaco feel the devastation of this hurricane, I too feel it because we are one nation.” 

He said he’s hoping for an outpouring of support for his country in the coming weeks and months, as it seeks to recover from Hurricane Dorian.

You can hear our full interview by clicking on the play button at the top of the page. 

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