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WKU's SAE Advisor Says They Were Right To Shut Down Oklahoma Chapter

WKU Sigma Alpha Epsilon Advisor Randy Shockey says the actions of just a few members have caused harm to the entire organization nationally.

The SAE chapter at the University of Oklahoma was closed and some members left school after a video went viral showing them singing a racist song saying no African-American would ever become a fraternity member.

Shockey said that's not his fraternity is all about, "It's a wonderful organization and it's disappointing something like this has given us a black eye," Shockey said, "I don't think this is indicative of the fraternity as a whole." He added, "That's not what we stand for and not what we try to instill in our young men."

Shockey said there are currently no African-American members of WKU's fraternity but there have been in the past and they're welcome again in the future. Because of spring break, Shockey hasn't had a chance to talk to the chapter members about the incident yet but says he will this Sunday at their regular weekly meeting.

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