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Warren County School Board Votes to Again Appeal City Student Agreement

At their regular meeting Monday night, the Warren County school board voted to appeal, for the fourth time, a ruling by the Kentucky Board of Education concerning the on-going non-resident student dispute with the Bowling Green school district.

In a press release sent out after the meeting, Superintendent Rob Clayton said the vote was really a technicality. He said it doesn't necessarily mean any more legal action will be taken just yet but it gives them that option should upcoming mandated mediation between the two school boards fail.

That Kentucky Board of Education set that mediation date for November 24th.

Clayton said people shouldn't read too much into the board voting to file the appeal before the session, they had to do it to meet a deadline.

At issue is the right of as many as 750 students who live in Warren County to attend the Bowling Green city school district, taking their state money with them. The dispute and legal wrangling has been going on for nearly a year and a half.

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