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New Hotel in Downtown Owensboro Announced

Owensboro Convention Center

Construction on a new hotel in downtown Owensboro will begin next summer. The new hotel will hold 110 to 120 rooms. The Owensboro Messenger Inquirer reports it will bring the number of rooms within a block of the convention center to about four hundred.

One of the project’s partners, Jack Wells, said the brand of the new hotel will be announced in a few months. The project should includes up to 160 new apartments but those plans are flexible. Wells said the estimated cost will be more than $33 million. He expects construction to be complete in the summer of 2018.

The addition of new hotels to Owensboro’s downtown has been a big priority for local business and political leaders. The Owensboro Convention Center and a Hampton Inn and Suites were both opened in 2014. Those facilities helped make up for the loss of the Executive Inn Rivermont Hotel, which was demolished in 2009.


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