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Welcoming Scott Detrow as weekend 'All Things Considered' and 'Consider This' co-host


All right. And now to share a bit of news with all of you from all of us.


Which is we have a new host to welcome. Scott Detrow joins us in June as the new weekend host of ALL THINGS CONSIDERED and...

CHANG: Whoo-hoo (ph).

KELLY: ...Co-host - whoo-hoo indeed. He's also going to be co-hosting our podcast Consider This. Scott is here in the studio - double whoo-hoo...

CHANG: Whoo-hoo.

KELLY: ...And I am going to channel...


KELLY: ...We're going to channel Ari and Juana because I know I speak for them, too, Scott, when I say we are so happy to have you here.


CHANG: Welcome.

DETROW: ...Am so happy to be here. I mean, covering the White House and campaigns, I think it's fair to say I spent a lot of time talking to ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. And I always love working with all of you, and I just cannot believe that I get to do this every single day now.

KELLY: Yeah.

CHANG: Well, we are so excited to have you. And you know, Scott, I mean, this was not an easy job to get. You had to go through some pretty rigorous moments to prove that you could handle this gig, right?

DETROW: I guess so.

CHANG: (Laughter) I think for me, the one moment that I knew Scott Detrow was ready to become a host was June 13, 2021, when you were guest hosting Weekend Edition Sunday. And all of a sudden, like, every system crashed...

DETROW: Everything.

CHANG: ...Inside NPR, right? I'm not kidding. Every communication system failed. And, Scott, you had to host the show using your cell phone. Did I get that, right?

DETROW: Yeah. You did, and sometimes that didn't even work.

CHANG: (Laughter).


DETROW: We're joined now by NPR correspondent Joel Rose. Joel, good morning.

JOEL ROSE: Hey, Scott. Good morning.

DETROW: So I'm going to be real with the listeners here. We are having a technical meltdown right now. The email does not work. The software does not work. I have not had any communication as to the news you are bringing in this morning.

KELLY: And Scott, since you're here, we're going to put you to work...


KELLY: ...For us today. I'm going to let you take us home. Are you ready?

DETROW: I can do it, I think. You're listening to ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News.

CHANG: Whoo-hoo. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Sarah Handel
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