high school graduation requirements

Thomas Galvez/Creative Commons

Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis has revised his proposal for high schoolers to demonstrate they’re ready to graduate.

The changes come a little less than two days before the state board of education is scheduled to vote on the measure.

Under Lewis’ original proposal, students would have to prove they were “transition ready” by meeting benchmark test scores on college entrance exams, getting on-the-job experience or passing college-level courses. They would also have to pass basic reading and math tests before they could graduate or have a portfolio approved by the local superintendent

Scott Raymond

The Kentucky Department of Education is holding a public hearing Nov. 29 on proposed new high school graduation requirements. The Kentucky School Boards Association has voiced concern about the ability of local school districts to meet the requirements and sent extensive comments to the state department of education.

The proposed new graduation requirements that got preliminary approval from the state board of education in October include demonstration of basic competence in reading and math in 10th grade though an assessment or a portfolio.  That would go into effect for students who are in 7th grade this year.