Nonviolent Owensboro Encouraging Peaceful Public Dialogue

Apr 30, 2018

Peggy Wilson is a member of Nonviolent Owenboro.
Credit Nonviolent Owensboro

As mass shootings and other violence seems to occur ever-more frequently in our country and around the world, an Owensboro organization has the goal of encouraging peace, one person and one community at a time.

Nonviolent Owensboro is working with other local organizations to support peaceful public dialogue, even among those with differing opinions. The group is sponsoring a workshop on how to step out and offer an opinion – peacefully.

Daviess County teacher Peggy Wilson is a member of Nonviolent Owensboro.

“There is, we think, a need for people to know how to protest effectively using nonviolent direct action. It’s a volatile time that we live in," said Wilson. "No community can say they are immune to the things that are happening in our world.”

Wilson said the goal crosses political, racial and economic lines.

“Everyone wants their children to grow up in peaceful home. They want their children to go to safe schools. They want to be able to go to the movie theater, they want to be able to go to the mall and not worry about violence. When we find the common ground that we want peace, we can work for it in amazing ways," said Wilson.

The group is sponsoring a training on nonviolent direct action on Saturday, May 19. Information on on the group's Facebook page.