Kentucky's 400 Mile Yard Sale to Bring Trinkets, Treasures and Traffic to Route 68

May 30, 2018

The 400 Mile Yard Sale along Route 68 in Kentucky runs from Maysville to Paducah.
Credit 400 Mile Yard Sale

Bargain shoppers will be out in big numbers over the next few days for the '400 Mile Yard Sale' along Route 68 in Kentucky.

When the 400 Mile Yard Sale started 14 years ago, it was to entice drivers to turn off highways and visit  local shops and restaurants along Route 68. At that time, it was the “road less traveled.”

But that yard sale has taken on a festival atmosphere and from Thursday, May 31 through Sunday, June 3 Route 68 will be one of the “most traveled” routes in Kentucky, from Maysville, located 66 miles northeast of Lexington, all the way west to Paducah.

Officials at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are urging motorists who travel along Route 68 over the next few days to be alert for pedestrians, especially children, as well as slower traffic and drivers making unexpected stops and starts on the roadway. Transportation officials are also urging drivers to park in safe places when they stop at yard sales along the way.

In addition to the miles of traffic, trinkets and treasures, organizers of the event say it's become a way for people to set up yard sales for a cause. A church near Russellville, for example, sets up every year to raise money for youth to go to church camp.  Last year a family near Paris, Kentucky was raising money to adopt a baby.  A school near Benton raises money each year for building improvements and supplies. One family was raising funds to donate to the McDonald House that gave them lodging while their small son had open heart surgery.  

There's a growing economic spin-off to the yard sale, with food trucks and lists of lodging and campgrounds for enthusiastics who make it a multi-day adventure.