Group Appointed by Bevin Begins Writing Charter School Regulations

Jul 25, 2017

Credit Creative Commons

A group of Kentuckians tasked with setting up a framework for charter schools to operate is officially down to work. 

The Charter Schools Advisory Council held its first meeting on Monday and began developing regulations on how to implement the alternative public schools.  One of the members is Dr. Gary Houchens, a professor at Western Kentucky University. 

"It's a lot of stringent oversight of the process, and I think both charter applicants and authorizers will be happy with the structures that we're putting into place," Houchens told WKU Public Radio.

Houchens says the council is developing preliminary regulations concerning student admissions, how charter schools will be authorized, the process for revoking charter contracts, and how to convert a traditional school into a charter school. 

The Kentucky Board of Education is expected to consider the draft regulations at its meeting in August.  The proposed rules would have to pass two readings by the board, go through a public comment period, and be approved by the state legislature. 

Early next year is the earliest the regulations could go into effect.  Once that happens, charter schools could open and begin accepting applications for the 2018-19 academic year.

The Charter Schools Advisory Council was created in June by Governor Matt Bevin and all nine members are Bevin appointees.  The governor's executive order is being challenged by Attorney General Andy Beshear.