Gatton Academy at WKU Prepares to Expand Residence Hall and Class Size

May 6, 2015

Gov. Steve Beshear at the ceremony at WKU announcing the expansion of the residence hall housing the Gatton Academy of Math and Science.
Credit Kevin Willis

The Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Math and Science at WKU is preparing to undergo a transformation that will sharply increase its population.

The academy has been given a financial gift from businessman Bill Gatton to expand the residence hall that houses the academy’s students. The renovation is needed because the academy is expanding its class size from 120 to 200 students this fall.

The academy is home to some of the top high school juniors and seniors in the state who take college courses for two years at WKU, and has been repeatedly ranked as the top high school in the nation.

Speaking at a ceremony Wednesday at WKU announcing the gift from Gatton, Governor Steve Beshear said the academy is a point of pride for the state.

“The Gatton Academy is a shining example of how our educators are preparing the next generation of highly-trained graduates. I’m proud that my last budget will allow another 80 students the opportunity to study in the nation’s best high school.”

Academy Director Dr. Lynette Breedlove says a major draw for many students is how they study beside regular WKU students in classrooms led by the school’s faculty and staff.

“The model works very well, because it takes advantages of resources that already in place at the university, and we’re not adding faculty just to teach Gatton students.”

In addition to his gifts to WKU, Bill Gatton has provided over $45 million to the University of Kentucky, making him that school’s top donor.