Former Lawmaker to Help EKU with Presidential Search

Oct 11, 2012

A public figure with extensive state and local government experience is among those people who will help Eastern Kentucky University find a new president. EKU President Doug Whitlock announced in August he would retire next summer.

Former State Senator and Richmond City Manager Ed Worley will serve on the school’s newly formed search committee.

“Are we a community with a university in it or are we a university community and there is a very distinct difference and I think who ever the next president needs to identify that this is a university community and they want to work with the community to grow this as Richmond, Madison County and Eastern Kentucky University together.”

Worley believes it’s important to find a president with good communications skills, who also has both business and academic strengths.  In a message to staff, E-K-U Board of Regents Chairman Gary Abney said the board will also select a private company which will assist the search Committee.