Daviess County Shelter Declares 'Code Red' to Avoid Euthanization of Adoptable Pets

Aug 9, 2017

The Daviess County Animal Shelter has 69 cats and is stepping up efforts with animal rescue groups, foster homes and adoptions to reduce to the number of cats, dogs and rabbits at the facility.
Credit Daviess County Animal Shelter

The Daviess County Animal Shelter has declared a “code red.”  That means the shelter is stepping up efforts to reduce the number of animals so it doesn’t have to euthanize healthy, adoptable pets.

There are currently 69 dogs, 83 cats and four rabbits.

Shelter Director Ashley Clark says there are several ways to avoid unnecessary euthanization.

“If we could have rescues and fosters and adopters to come in and help with the animals, it’s not going to one avenue that solves the problem. You know, we can’t adopt our way out of it, and we can’t foster our way out of it.”

Clark says the current full capacity is common during summer, especially in August when families are busy with back-to-school rather than adopting pets. She says some of the animals are being transported to a shelter in Chicago.